Top five CM Punk facts fans may not know

Five CM Punk facts which may surprise even the ardent of pro-wrestling fans

The world of Professional Wrestling was given a rude jolt earlier this month. Noted wrestler CM Punk (Phil Brooks) had his contract terminated with All Elite Wrestling. The reason behind the move was the backstage fight between Jack Perry and Punk. The much-publicized brawl took place at the famous Wembley Stadium during the record-setting All-In event. As rumors of his WWE come to light,

Here are five facts ardent Punk fans may not know:

CM Punk wanted to own and go back to Ring of Honor wrestling 

CM Punk facts
CM Punk ROH (source-twitter)

It is no secret that CM Punk has always loved his time with Ring of Honor. The company has produced the likes of Samoa Joe, AJ Styles, Bryan Danielson, Austin Aries, and of course Punk. Cary Silkin who is the former owner of ROH once mentioned how CM Punk asked if the company was up for sale. Punk made the inquiry in 2010 while he was signed with WWE.

The man from Chicago also wanted to make a return to wrestling with Ring of Honor after Cary Silkin gave him a call. The then-owner of ROH was keen for Punk to make his return to the industry with ROH. The deal though fell through as the parties couldn’t come to common ground. Ring of Honor was eventually bought by Tony Khan the owner of AEW.

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