WATCH: John Cena meets The Undertaker backstage during their comeback in NXT

John Cena appeared in NXT for the first time in more than 10 years.

The Undertaker and John Cena are arguably two of the biggest superstars ever in the history of WWE. Though the two are no more the wrestlers they once were, they still have the command over fans. The two great wrestlers have their own aura. While The Undertaker was promoted as a scary man, who was close to being unbeatable, Cena was also close to unbeatable, but did it in style.

The Undertaker has a legend for himself as a Deadman, as phenom. In his career spanning in different eras from the Attitude era to the ruthless aggression era, to the PG Era, and even beyond that, The Undertaker sported different looks to appeal to the audience. John Cena had two main characters in the Dr of Thuganomics and his self which many are used to.

The Undertaker announced his retirement from WWE the last year. Cena is no more a regular in WWE. But Cena has been taking part in feuds regularly in the recent times. Cena has revived Smackdown along with other superstars. He has faced the Bloodline with his might and defeated them recently along with L A Knight in Fastlane. The coming week, Cena is set to be in Smackdown again.

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The Undertaker meets John Cena in NXT Backstage

After the big event, Cena arrived in NXT. The Undertaker made a surprising entry in NXT, which resulted in huge pop from the crowd, even with a minimal capacity of audience. The Undertaker took on Born Breakker in a brief appearance and choke slammed him. Cena was also in the arena and successfully stopped Solo Sikoa from attacking him. Even Cena’s partner L A Knight was in the arena.

After the match, John Cena met The Undertaker. The two greats of the sport had a conversation with each other regarding Smackdown. The Undertaker enquired Cena about his comeback in WWE. The 16-time world champion replied the phenom with the proceedings till now with smile. WWE NXT uploaded the video of two superstars meeting each other recently, which went viral on the internet.

Watch the viral video here:

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