WATCH: WWE Hall of famer Undertaker returns to NXT as American badass

The Undertaker choke slammed Born Breakker on his NXT return.

NXT saw some big names in the latest episode. John Cena made his return to the show. Likewise, Cody Rhodes and Paul Heyman also attended the event and made it a big ceremony. But the biggest talk of the show was the return of the WWE Hall of famer, Undertaker. The Deadman, the phenom, the WWE Hall of famer, returned as the American badass to the excitement of the fans.

For unversed, the American badass was one of the experimental changes of the character of Undertaker. Usually, the WWE wrestlers undergo changes in characters to be more appealing to the fans and to break a certain character. After being a force to reckon as the Deadman in the attitude era, Undertaker sported the character of American badass for the most part of the Ruthless aggression era.

In 2022, Undertaker announced his retirement from the WWE universe. After more than a year, the former world champion has made his return to the WWE universe. It was informed that Undertaker would be in NXT. But hardly few expected it to be the American badass himself. The entry of Undertaker had everyone on the edge of their seats, which got a big pop even for the NXT’s level.

Undertaker (Source: Twitter)

‘Win or lose, there’s only one badass in all of WWE!’ – Bron Breakker

During the match between Bron Breakker and Carmelo Hayes, The Undertaker made his appearance as the American badass. It was a match between Breakker and Hayes for a spot in the triple threat match which is scheduled to take place next week. After the match, Breaker hit Hayes with a spear and said, “Win or lose, there’s only one badass in all of WWE.”

That was exactly when the bell music of the Undertaker rang, which received a huge pop from the crowd. The crowd went mad. As the undertaker made his appearance, he said to Breakker, “Bron, I’ve been watching you for a long time. And one day you’re going to be a very special talent. It’s just one thing — it ain’t today. “The Undertaker then choke slammed Breakker to the roar from crowd.

Watch the video of The Undertaker’s look here: 


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