Shocking: WWE Universe says that John Cena was not the last Great United States Champion

Austin Theory beat John Cena in Wrestle Mania 39.
John Cena
John Cena (Source: Twitter)

There is big news coming from the WWE Universe as it is now believed that John Cena was not the last big United States Champion. A slew of fans are of the opinion that Bobby Lashley was the last wrestler who brought a lot of fame to the US Championship. Another section of fans has gone the other way saying that Austin Theory deserves all the credit for this.

When Cena was the overlord at the US Championship, he hosted open challenges which took place weekly. He allowed a lot of WWE players to come in and show what they were capable of. They were pushed to the deep end and were slated in all high-profile matches. When this happened, this resulted in some amazing fixtures that featured Cena against the likes of Sami Zayn, Cesaro, Neville, and others.

It was fun to be John Cena’s sidekick – Bull Buchman

In other news, Bull Buchman put out a strong comment about him working with John Cena. Over the course of his amazing career in wrestling, Cena has teamed up with a lot of superstars. When he spoke on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling podcast, Buchman was quizzed on how was it like to work with a young Cena then, to which he replied.

“It was fun to actually have some fun with something. I remember thinking about it, you know when they told me I was gonna be John’s sidekick slash bodyguard, whatever. I thought, okay, how should I approach this? Was it like a bodyguard or was it more of an Eminem-style guy? Oddly enough, I was a big rap fan. I listened to it all the time back then,” he said. Cena has one the US Championship five times.

He played his last match in the WWE US Championship. When Wrestle Mania 39 took place, Cena was squared up against Austin Theory when it came to the US Title in the show’s opening match. In that game, Cena could not get the better of Theory, who had beaten Sena and proved that he could do anything when it comes to the biggest of platforms.

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