10 WWE Superstars who joined AEW upon leaving WWE

WWE Hall of famer Edge moved to AEW recently.

World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) and All Elite Wrestling (AEW) are two of the topmost wrestling business companies in the world over the years. WWE has had the topmost viewership for a long time and has garnered enough attention from the fans over the years. The Superstars of WWE are regarded highly in the entertainment and are often in high demand.

In the past, many superstars made a move from WWE to AEW. After player drafts every now and then, one can witness WWE players moving to AEW. AEW got some of the biggest talent pool from WWE. Some of the biggest superstars in AEW were previously from WWE. Many have gone on to become bigger superstars in AEW than they already were in WWE. Here are ten WWE superstars who moved to AEW.

10. Paige

Paige (Source: Twitter)

Paige left WWE after her contract with the company ended in 2022. Popularly known as Saraya in AEW, Paige has probably got better popularity in AEW than WWE. The neck injury of Paige kept her away from the ring in WWE. As WWE released her from the draft, she moved to AEW. Since the last 9 months or so, Paige has had a very good run in AEW. Saraya has been very successful as a wrestler in AEW and is the current AEW Women’s World Champion.

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