Watch: Fans dodge security to get autographs and selfies from Lionel Messi, video goes viral

The incident happened in Argentina's friendly against Jamaica.
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi -Source (Twitter)

Lionel Messi is treated no less than a God in football. The way he comes in with absolute ease, sheer class and runs like the wind across the football field is a sight to behold.

This is the class of Lionel Messi, and this is what sets him apart from his contemporaries in football. The great from Argentina has an amazing fan following all over the world. Messi is an all-time great in Football. Fans come in huge numbers to get his autographs and selfies with him on a regular basis. It is not just the fans but Lionel Messi’s counterparts from football also want a piece of him and want to spend some time with him whenever they get a chance.

Messi has always obliged by giving autographs or selfies in a calm and composed manner. Sometimes, fans also try to evade the security at the stadium and get to Lionel Messi to get a glimpse of their idol in football. There were two such incidents that happened in the football friendly between Argentina and Jamaica.

Messi came on in the second half of the game as a substitute and then suddenly, three fans invaded the pitch and tried to get an autograph from the legend. While one fan succeeded in getting the autograph, two of them were taken away by the security at the stadium.

Here is the Video

Coming to the game, Lionel Messi scored two goals as he helped Argentina win 3-0 against Jamaica. Argentina’s win against Jamaica was their 35th and they are yet to lose a game since 2019.

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