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‘Vintage Dhoni’ – Fans react as new look of MS Dhoni goes viral on social media

MS Dhoni recently spent his vacation in the USA.

MS Dhoni is known for his style. Back in his playing days, he was a sensation among the youngsters. There was a different persona for Dhoni. Cricket has not seen such a stylish player in a long time. The former Indian cricketer sported long hairs during the mid 2000s, which attracted a lot of fans towards him at a young age. It helped him gain immense popularity in cricket.

As good as his hairstyle was, he was equally good in his art. He was exceptional at his prime as a wicketkeeper batter. During his tour of Pakistan, Dhoni finished a lot of matches for India along with Yuvraj Singh. The success of Dhoni was appreciated by everyone, including the former Pakistan President Parvez Musharraf. He had advised him to not get a haircut.

The speech of the former Pakistan President is still remembered by the fans. Whenever he gets a new hairstyle, the fans remember of the mid 2000s version of him, who was stylish both as a person and as a batter. There was a different craze for the former Indian captain altogether in his prime days. Many became fans purely because of his hairstyle.

MS Dhoni
MS Dhoni (Source: Twitter)

MS Dhoni’s new hairstyle gives vintage vibes for fans

Dhoni was vibrant among fans. Everything about him was fresh and relatable to the young fans. The collection of watches, bikes, and of course, the trophies, made the fans go wow at their favorite cricketer. Even today, he remains a stylish icon with different experiments. Today, he is still one of the fittest Indian athletes even after retiring from international cricket.

A new look of Dhoni has gone viral on the internet. The famous hairstylist Aalim Hakim has posted a new look of Dhoni, which gives fans the vibes of his old days. The look is very similar to that of him in his prime days in the 2000s. if Dhoni does not get a haircut in the near future, the fans might well get to see the old Dhoni during the IPL 2024.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the news –

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