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Hardik Pandya credits MS Dhoni for his remarkable comeback in international cricket

The captaincy stint at Gujarat in the Indian T20 league did Pandya a world of good.
Hardik Pandya and Ms Dhoni
Hardik Pandya and Ms Dhoni – Source (Twitter)

India’s gun all- rounder Hardik Pandya has said that MS Dhoni should be given credit for his transformation as a person and as a sportsman.

A lot has changed for Hardik Pandya and he is doing what he does best for India again, after a brief lull. The captaincy stint at Gujarat in the Indian T20 league did him a world of good.

Hardik played a pivotal part in India’s victory over Pakistan as he starred both with ball and bat, getting 3 scalps and later on making a vital 34 with the bat which sealed the game for India.

”I was just a new kid trying to learn new things about life and sport.MS Dhoni has played a big role in my growth. Whenever I got the opportunity, I used to observe him and learn things. The kind of mindset and knowledge that he had, just observing it, it has reflected on my personality on the field” Hardik said.

Hardik Pandya has always said that he does not run away from responsibility, but infact thrives on it.

”It was about owning my mistakes, taking my chances, failing and learning from them. Sometimes it is failures that teach you, not your closest confide, not your aide and to a good extent Mahi Bhai, some failures you just experience and learn from them,” he added.

Hardik said that failures helped him to understand himself better, get more role clarity and get a better understanding of himself as a person. It also helped him to polish and get stronger in his roles, Hardik 2.0 has been a beacon of light for Team India.

Hardik said that without the finisher, a cricket team would be incomplete and that the finisher is the backbone of a side.

“You might go to a restaurant, the food could be amazing, but, if there is no finishing touch, it does not add the charm to the dish no matter how it tastes. The look of it matters. It is similar in the game. No matter how close you come, how well poised you are, how strong you are, when you do not get the finishing touches from your lower order or finisher, it does not look complete” he said.

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