‘We played with him. So we want him to stay’- Eric Ten Hag on Cristiano Ronaldo staying at Manchester United

It is reported that Manchester United have been linked with several new strikers.
Cristiano Ronaldo-Eric Ten Hag
Cristiano Ronaldo-Eric Ten Hag (Image source- Twitter)

Manchester United manager Eric Ten Hag is emphasizing that he definitely wants  Cristiano Ronaldo to still continue being at Old Trafford. He said this even after leaving out the man from Portugal in a Premier League game for the second time running.

Cristiano Ronaldo started off on the bench in United’s 1-0 win against Everton on Saturday before largely making a subtle appearance in the second half of the game for the Red Devils.

The Forward from Manchester United, who has had a second spell with Manchester United, has been wanting a transfer since the end of the last term after United were out of contention for qualification in the champions league this season.

The Striker has found it hard to attract an offer from one of the top clubs. Latest reports have linked him with his former club Sporting Lisbon, and also Marseille and Napoli.

Even though the transfer window deadline almost coming to an end, Manchester United have made it clear that the all-time football great is not going anywhere. This is his second spell at Manchester United and his second season with them as well.

There was a rather tame picture of Ronaldo, who stopped and respectfully saluted the Manchester United fans. Many of the experts are seeing it as the end of an era for Ronaldo and United and that the superstar will bid adieu to the club sooner rather than later.

United have been in the news and have been linked to several forwards who might come in place of Ronaldo and it could mean that Anthony the man from Ajax could join hands with Eric Ten Hag again.

Publicly, at least, Ten Hag threw his weight behind Ronaldo, saying: “We played with him. So we want him to stay. That is what we want, I hope so.” Ten Hag also went on to say that they are not in any hurry to sign another central striker and that United already have the big guns in their ranks. “We have Cristiano Ronaldo, we have Anthony Martial, we have Marcus Rashford, so then we are OK,” he said.

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