Rhea Ripley picks out potential winner in Money in the Bank Ladder match

Rhea Ripley talked about the upcoming Money in the Bank ladder fixture.
WWE MITB (Source: Twitter)

Rhea Ripley the WWE Women’s Champion has given the name that she thinks will be able to win the Money in the Bank Ladder (MITB) match. She said Damien Priest is the man to do the job. The only person who will stake his claim for the briefcase will be the punishment. On another note Dominik Mysterio and Finn Balor will have singles matches against Cody Rhodes and Seth Rawlins.

As of now, no one is challenging the eradicator when it comes to the premium live event. A picture of all the confirmed people at the MITB ladder match. The likes of Shinsuke Nakamura, Damian Priest, Ricochet, Santos Escobar, LA Knight, and Butch were listed for the MITB fixture. In the caption ahead of the game, the fans were asked who will win the special MITB ladder match.

I am loving the work that the boys are putting out there -Rhea Ripley

Rhea picked Priest as top draw to grab the contract. The Eradicator was listed as the third member of the villainous Judgment Day which took place at Backlash in 2022, along with Edge and Damian Priest. The Rated-R Superstar was longer a part of the group after a few weeks, and he was replaced by Balor. Mysterio came into the group later, and they formed a formidable group in WWE RAW.

In an interview which took place on Cheap Heat, Ripley stated in the affirmative that she wants the above listed persons to remain a team for as long as possible. According to her the judgment day should not culminate. Riplet had a great time in the night of the Champions where she beat Natalya.

“Yeah, I really want it to go for as long as it can go. I’m loving every single minute of work when the boys are there, I think that we could really drag it out and have it go for a long time… So, I really wanna see it progress and grow and if we get new members, we get new members, but I wanna see the Judgment Day become this massive faction within the WWE that is so unstoppable,” Ripley stated.

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