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‘Ye kyu dekha maine’- Fans react as video of MS Dhoni struggling to get off stairs goes viral

Fans are desperately hoping to see MSD don the yellow jersey come April 2024.

For cricket enthusiasts, April and May are months of unparalleled anticipation and excitement, as they herald the arrival of the lucrative Indian Premier League. The IPL features the best players in the world, as well as some rising stars and the cricket on display is of the highest quality.

In recent times, the Indian Premier League (IPL) has become even more anticipated as it is the only time when fans get to watch MS Dhoni in action. Having retired from all forms of international cricket back in 2020, Dhoni plays only the IPL now, where he is the captain of the Chennai Super Kings.

Dhoni is one of the most popular and respected cricketers in India, and his presence in the IPL is a major draw for fans. A legendary leader and a consummate batsman, his presence on the field always adds an extra layer of excitement to the tournament. He has led the Super Kings to five IPL titles with the latest one coming this year.

MS Dhoni
The IPL is the only tournament in which fans get to see ‘Captain Cool’ in action.

However, we all know that Dhoni is not getting any younger and that the end is near. Every season, fans gather in anticipation, their hearts filled with love and respect for their cricketing hero, knowing that each appearance could be his last. This season, in particular, Dhoni witnessed an outpouring of unwavering support, regardless of the venue or the outcome of the matches.

Doubts over ‘Final Hurrah’?

MS Dhoni’s triumphant IPL victory with CSK this year had many believing that he would bid farewell to the game on a high note, ending his illustrious career on a championship-winning note at the age of 41. His knee discomfort was an additional reason. However, providing a much-needed respite for his loyal fans, Dhoni expressed his desire to continue playing for one more season, driven by the support of his admirers. Post the IPL, Dhoni successfully underwent a left knee surgery in a Mumbai hospital which provided a lot of happiness to his fans.

However, a recent video in which MS Dhoni can be seen getting off the steps in an uncomfortable manner has made fans extremely anxious. In the video, he is seen getting off the stairs using just one foot by applying pressure while holding the stringer. Fans are genuinely hoping that Dhoni’s knee allows him to participate in next year’s edition of the IPL.

Here, we look at how ‘X’ reacted to the video:

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