Top 10 Memes as Chris Paul gives benifiting reply to Stephen Curry after he got mocked when Warriors won in 2014

Warriors beat the Phoenix on Monday.
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Chris Paul managed to get a rye smile in. He said he was not aware of what transpired in 2014. Stephen Curry and Paul went head-to-head in a postseason match which happened 10 years ago. In 2013 Paul led the third-placed Clippers against the sixth-placed Warriors in seven games in the opening round of the Western Conference.

So, when Curry was caught on camera saying “this ain’t 2014 no more,” He had gotten past Paul and drawn the foul when the Golden State won 123-112 against the Phoenix which took place at Chase Center, Paul was quizzed about what Curry said. “I don’t know what happened in 2014,” Paul said. “Ya’ll tell me?”. Paul stated that Curry did not address it directly to him.

I love him because of out history – Stephen Curry on Chris Paul

Curry was interrogated later at the Post-match conference about what he said after he outscored Paul to get Golden State in the lead at 61-39 with 5:42 remaining in the second quarter. In the first half, the Warriors were ahead by 25 points. “It’s all competition,” Curry stated. “When you play against somebody for so many years and the love I got for him cause of our history and all of that. Just competition back and forth. Give it, take it. ”

Curry ended the game on Monday with 23 points. The game was played just before his 35th birthday. He went 4-of-6 from 3, and he had five assists and seven rebounds. Paul scored 11 points. on 5-of-13. He did not score on four occasions when he attempted 3-pointers. He had five rebounds and 11 assists.

Warriors, the defending champions, were trailing Phoenix 0-3 before they broke the jinx and won on Monday night in the regular season. Curry faced the hard and tough play of Paul. He found a way to get past him and kept dribbling. Curry had won the NBA MVP twice. He has become more adept in handling defence at present in comparison to 2014.

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