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‘These are categorically untrue’- Azeem Rafiq denies fresh allegations of homophobia and fat-shaming

Fresh reports suggest that Rafiq repeatedly referred to a former country’s Second XI team-mate as a Jew.
Azeem Rafiq
Azeem Rafiq: (Image Source: Twitter)

Former Yorkshire cricketer, Azeem Rafiq has denied all the fresh allegations that has been made against him. Rafiq has been reprimanded by the CDC over an anti-semitic social media post from 2011. Fresh reports suggest that Rafiq repeatedly referred to a former country’s Second XI team-mate as a Jew. He also made a homophobic comment to an opposition player in 2009.

Besides, he also forced overweight children to play without shirts during a training session in 2015. Rafiq, on the other hand, has denied all such allegations and stated that despite all the false propaganda, he won’t get intimidated.

“These allegations are categorically untrue. I knew as a whistleblower I would come under attack.” Rafiq said.

“What I did not expect was a never-ending, co-ordinated campaign of lies, which has caused serious risk to me and my family’s safety.

“I have been vindicated over and over again, and will not be intimidated by those who seek to silence me.” He added.

The 31-year-old is a victim of racial harassment and bullying while in Yorkshire by an investigation commissioned by the club. Rafiq made racism allegations on a number of individuals, who were later charged by the England and Wales Cricket Board.  Yorkshire Cricket Club have also been charged over their handling of those allegations.

Furthermore, the former cricketer also expressed his desire to move abroad, purely because of his family’s safey. Rafiq has repeatedly called for CDC hearings examining the racism allegations he made and Yorkshire’s handling of them to be held in public, and there is understood to be growing confidence that at least the latter part of the process will be public.

Yorkshire are understood to favour a public hearing, and the ECB has taken a neutral stance on the matter. Rafiq will be appearing alongside Yorkshire chair Lord Patel on 13th December.

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