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‘There were multiple openers who were waiting for their turn’ – Shahid Afridi responds to Ahmed Shehzad in a TV debate

Afridi said that Shehzad had enough chances and had to be left out as he failed to deliver

Ahmed Shehzad claimed last month that he was removed from Pakistan cricket without much opportunities. Presently, he has been attending press conferences and interviews to express his displeasure over the same.

Recently, former Pakistan skipper Shahid Afridi told Ahmed Shehzad on Samaa TV that the latter was given enough opportunities to prove his worth. He added that there were many openers who were waiting to make a mark and said that Shehzad is a strong character and can make a comeback.

“You know very well that in Pakistan, a player can come into the team on the basis of a single performance in a T20. There are many examples. Any player must play at least 3-4 seasons of domestic cricket before coming into the national team, especially batsmen,” Afridi said to Samaa TV.

Afridi said that Shehzad had enough chances and had to be left out as he failed to deliver. He further claimed that he was a star once but later failed to perform.

“As far as Ahmed is concerned, opportunities come and it depends on you, how you avail them. Ahmed has got a lot of chances, he has performed in past, but there comes a time when there are batsmen sitting behind you, waiting for their chances. Then you should know that you have to be consistent, every series is important. If you don’t perform, someone else will take your place. There were players waiting for their chance when Ahmed was playing,” Afridi said.

Shahid Afridi added that many batters were waiting to open for Pakistan and everyone deserved a go ahead. Ahmed Shehzad has reportedly been unhappy with the way he was dealt. And the former has been informing the fans about that for a while now. Shahid Afridi concluded by saying that Ahmed Shehzad is a strong character and is capable of a comeback.

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