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‘Really poor from you’ – Former India cricketer criticises Mitchell Starc on his ‘I’m not Deepti’ remark

This incident happened in the Third T20I between Australia and England.
Starc Warning
Starc Warning -Source (Twitter)

When Charlotte Dean was run out by Deepti Sharma in the ODI against England which happened in September she became the cynosure of all eyes as Dean’s dismissal sparked a controversy and it let social media divided regarding the mode of dismissal. The MCC had earlier this year deemed the run out as fair play.

On another note, in the third T20I that took place between Australia and England. An interesting incident took place between Jos Butler and Mitchell Starc when the fast bowler when he forewarned the star batter for leaving the crease very early.  The incident unfolded in the fifth over where David Malan was the batter on a strike, Starc was on his way to bowl, be his razor-sharp eyes caught sight of Jos Butler leaving the crease early even as he was getting into his delivery stride.

Starc took a sly dig at Deepti as he said to Butler, “I am not Deepti, but I won’t do it. Doesn’t mean you can leave early,” Starc told Buttler. Former India batter Hemanng Badani has laid into Starc for bringing up Deepti Sharma’s name when he had a war of words with Butler.

Here is the tweet 

“Grow up Starc. That’s really poor from you. What Deepti did was well within the rules of the game. If you only want to warn the non striker and not get him out that’s fine and your decision to make but you bringing Deepti into this isn’t what the cricket world expects of you,” Badani wrote on Twitter.

Starc was also condemned by the fans for his act as he coped a lot of flak on social media for this. The third T20I between Australia and England was abandoned due to rain as the two sides shared the T20I trophy 1-1

Here is what Aaron Finch had to say regarding the incident, “I think if guys get a warning, then it’s fair game after that. That would go for most teams, I assume, if you give a batter a warning, because you think that they’re gaining a little bit too much ground before the ball is bowled. But I’m not a big fan, personally,” Finch said.

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