Asia Cup 2023

‘It is after all a game; sports should be treated as sports’ – Afghanistan assistant coach criticises barbaric behaviour of fans at stadium

Pakistan and Sri Lanka will face each other in the Asia Cup 2022 final.
Pakistan vs Afghanistan
Pakistan vs Afghanistan- Source (Twitter)

Afghanistan assistant coach Raees Ahmadzai has heavily criticised his players and the fans for the ugly incidents that unfolded on and off the pitch during the Pakistan vs Afghanistan clash in the Super 4 stage of the 2022 Asia Cup. After restricting Pakistan to 118/9, it looked like Afghanistan would definitely get the victory and open up the Asia Cup until Naseem Shah smashed two towering sixes in the final over to get a victory from the jaws of defeat for the Pakistan team.

The intensity of the game was quite high, and a few Afghanistan fans damaged the property of the Sharjah Stadium, breaking and uprooting the chairs and throwing them at fellow spectators to vent out their anger. Apart from that, earlier in the game, Fareed Ahmed Malik and Asif Ali were involved in a heated exchange and it went out of bounds when Ali raised his bat to threaten Malik.

“I think the players are well aware of the rules and regulations of the game but sometimes in the heat of the moment, sometimes you cannot control, and it comes out. The crowd should understand that this is just a game and sports should be treated as sports, not to be involved in anything critically or something,” Raees Ahmadzai was quoted by 

“But again, if you say something it’s different, but physical violence it’s something every player should avoid. Sledging or talking to someone is different but the rules and regulations do not allow you to do physical violence. Another experience for our players. We will inform our players to be within the limit and not cross it,” added the assistant coach. 

Ahmadzai mentioned that the Fareed Ahmed incident happened in the heat of the moment and added that the crowds should refrain themselves from involving in such barbaric incidents. He went on to note about physical violence to be avoided at all costs and concluded that he will certainly tell his players to understand when to draw the line.

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