‘If I had a chance, I could have cancelled the dinner with my wife’ – Wayne Rooney reflects on the 6-1 loss to Manchester City

Wayne Rooney played for Manchester United for thirteen years.
Wayne Rooney
Wayne Rooney: (Image Source: Twitter)

Manchester City and Manchester United have both been great clubs with a rich history. A derby between Manchester City and Manchester United is something that every football fan looks forward to savoring. Football fans witnessed the clash of the titans, once again, this weekend.

Among all the incredible matches between the two sides, the 6-1 drubbing that Manchester City gave to Manchester United on 23rd October 2011 was one of the most talked about.

Manchester United star Wayne Rooney has made a stunning revelation that he had an uncomfortable night on the day of his wife Coleen’s 25th birthday after he asked two players from Manchester City to attend the party. He said that he would in hindsight called off the dinner altogether.

Rooney has said that the match signaled the change of guard as Manchester City bossed over Manchester United from thereon.

“It was the time, where you felt the balance of power beginning to change. They had superb players in the form of Vincent Kompany, David Silva, Yaya Toure, Sergio Aguero, Edin Dzeko, and Mario Balotelli who were immature earlier but on that day they brought their best game. It was one such game where you sit and admit that these are the kind of challenges which change things,” Rooney said in a column for the Sunday Times.

He said that he wanted to enjoy the day with his wife, but it never transpired as he was not in tune to enjoy the evening. He felt heartbroken after losing to Manchester City by a huge margin.

“Gareth Barry and Joe Hart were invited and the last thing I wanted to do was go out or do anything especially not hang out with two City players, even though they are both friends. In retrospect, I might have had to cancel, but a lot of people came, and it felt hard to do that,” he added.

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