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‘He has to be consistent’ -Sreesanth draws light as to why Sanju Samson was omitted from the 20-20 World Cup squad

Sanju Sanson has had a very good Indian T20 League season in 2022.
Sanju Samson and Sreesanth
Sanju Samson and Sreesanth- Source (Twitter)

Former India fast bowler, S Sreesanth gave his opinion on why Sanju Samson could not make it to India’s squad for the 20-20 World Cup 2022. Despite performing well in recent series for India as well as for the Rajasthan franchise in the Indian T20 League, Samson couldn’t get the nod.

Throwing light on the issue, Sreesanth said that it is not enough if Sanju Samson just performs in the Indian T20 League but should also maintain a certain level of consistency across formats at all-levels.

Sreesanth also said that performing in the Indian T20 League is not enough and needs to performing well in first class matches as well. It is interesting to note that Sanju Samson played his last first-class match way back in 2019 for Kerala against Gujarat in Surat.

Sreesanth believes that only when Sanju Samson proves his worth in domestic cricket and win the coveted Ranji Trophy title for his state side, he will get noticed.

“He has to be consistent. See, everyone is talking about the IPL. I’m from Kerala, I’m somebody who has always supported him. I’ve seen him play from U14. He has played under me. In fact, I was the one who gave him the cap on his Ranji Trophy debut. But the way I see him… it’s a request to him – he has to start performing in first-class matches,” Sreesanth said.

“Yes, IPL is very important. IPL will give him fame, popularity, and riches, everything across the globe. But I have this strong feeling – for any cricketer for that matter – that they need to start doing extremely well for the state side, especially in first-class cricket. Sanju has to come out and perform in first-class matches. Not just score a hundred, score 200s. Come and make the Kerala team win the Ranji Trophy! Make Kerala team win the Vijay Hazare Trophy. Then, the Kerala cricketers will come out on top,” Sreesanth added.

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