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5 cricketers with whom Sreesanth has fought on the cricket field

Sreesanth, the talented right-arm pace bowler, represented India in 27 Tests, 53 ODIs, and 10 T20s, capturing 169 wickets across formats. Though he delivered memorable, match-winning spells, his on and off-field controversies […]

Sreesanth, the talented right-arm pace bowler, represented India in 27 Tests, 53 ODIs, and 10 T20s, capturing 169 wickets across formats. Though he delivered memorable, match-winning spells, his on and off-field controversies have often overshadowed his on-field achievements. Over the years, he has been embroiled in several high-profile incidents, from the infamous altercation with Harbhajan Singh in the IPL to the match-fixing saga that rocked the tournament. He seems to possess an uncanny ability to find himself in the thick of controversy.

Here, we look at 5 cricketers with whom Sreesanth has had an on-field issue.

Gautam Gambhir

Sreesanth’s latest controversy

Former Indian cricketers Sreesanth and Gautam Gambhir were embroiled in a controversy during a Legends League Cricket match recently. Post the game, Sreesanth accused Gambhir of using abusive language and specifically calling him a “fixer” during an on-field altercation. Sreesanth also left a long, critical comment on a picture that Gambhir had uploaded on social media. In the comment, Sreesanth called Gambhir ‘classless’.

The incident sparked an investigation by the Legends League Cricket, who confirmed they would deal with any misconduct strictly. The LLC issued a legal notice to Sreesanth, demanding the removal of videos targeting Gambhir and accusing him of breaching his contract.

Harbhajan Singh

The infamous slap gate controversy

The Sreesanth-Harbhajan Singh controversy was a highly publicised incident that occurred during the inaugural season of the Indian Premier League in 2008. It involved an on-field altercation between Indian cricketers Sreesanth and Harbhajan Singh, which resulted in Harbhajan slapping Sreesanth. Harbhajan was banned for the remainder of that season while Sreesanth was heavily fined. While the incident initially strained their relationship, both Sreesanth and Harbhajan have expressed their desire to move forward. In recent years, they have been seen interacting cordially in public, indicating a possible reconciliation.

Andre Nel

Sreesanth was involved in a controversy with Andre Nel as well

Sreesanth and South African paceman Andre Nel were involved in a heated rivalry during the third Test of India’s tour of South Africa in 2006. The incident, which involved verbal volleys, a six over long-on, and a celebratory dance, became etched in cricket history as a symbol of on-field passion and defiance.

Nel, known for his aggressive bowling and sledging, was targeting Sreesanth with short balls and verbal barbs, questioning his courage and ability. With India in a comfortable lead, the stage was set for a dramatic showdown. Nel continued his verbal assault, trying to get under Sreesanth’s skin. However, the Indian pacer remained focused and determined. The moment of reckoning arrived when Nel bowled a short ball aimed at Sreesanth’s body. In a display of remarkable timing and power, Sreesanth lofted the ball for a six-over long-on, sending it soaring over Nel’s head.

The six was not enough for Sreesanth. He unleashed a passionate celebration, dancing in the middle of the pitch and waving his bat in the air. This act of defiance further fueled the already heated atmosphere.

Matthew Hayden

Sreesanth & Matthew Hayden

Sreesanth and Matthew Hayden’s issues started when the former, after dismissing him in one particular game, gave the Australian an aggressive send-off in the inaugural World T20 in South Africa. Hayden was not impressed and then in the year 2009, they faced off again in the IPL. Hayden smashed Sreesanth for two sixes before the latter dismissed him to have the last laugh.

In the press conference following the game, Hayden labelled Sreesanth as an ‘overrated bowler’. Hayden also declared that Sreesanth had sledged him during the game. However, Sreesanth denied sledging the southpaw, contrary to what Hayden had said.

Kevin Pietersen

Sreesanth & Kevin Pietersen

Sreesanth and Kevin Pietersen shared a fiery on-field rivalry that transcended the boundaries of mere sporting competition. Their clashes, characterized by aggression, controversy, and moments of brilliance, became a talking point in the cricketing world. The simmering tension between the two players reached boiling point during the second Test of India’s tour of England in 2007. Sreesanth, known for his fiery temper and pace, bowled a beamer at Pietersen, a delivery that narrowly missed the batsman’s head and sparked outrage and condemnation.

Sreesanth was fined 50% of his match fee for the incident, and many believed he should have faced a harsher penalty. However, the bowler maintained that the beamer was unintentional, a result of his frustration with Pietersen’s aggressive batting. At the time, plenty of pundits opined that the Indian pacer should be banned for one game for bowling such a dangerous delivery.

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