ODI World Cup 2023

‘Who even takes Gambhir seriously’ – Fans react as Gautam Gambhir hails Rohit Sharma’s outstanding captaincy despite World Cup Final loss

India were unbeaten in the ODI World Cup 2023 in their road to the final.

India’s recent World Cup campaign was a story of ‘so near and yet so far’. They stormed through the tournament, winning 10 consecutive matches dominantly. Their victories were often one-sided, showcasing their immense talent and leaving opponents in awe. On the few occasions they faced pressure, Team India displayed remarkable grit and determination, finding ways to emerge victorious. This sustained brilliance established them as the team to beat and cemented their status as favourites to lift the trophy.

However, fate had other plans. The final proved to be a different story. Despite their best efforts, India stumbled against Australia on the big stage, falling short of the ultimate prize. This sudden turn of events left the team and the entire nation heartbroken. The disappointment was palpable, considering the immense hard work and dedication invested by the players. It felt as though the stars had finally aligned for India to end their long wait for a World Cup title, but it was unfortunately not meant to be.

While the outcome was devastating, India’s journey to the final was nothing short of remarkable. Their dominant displays throughout the tournament earned them immense respect and admiration. The team’s resilience, skill, and talent were undeniable, and they emerged as true champions in the eyes of many. Despite the disappointment of the final, India’s performance has undoubtedly inspired a nation and ignited a renewed passion for cricket.

At the heart of India’s remarkable World Cup run stood a man of exceptional talent and leadership – Rohit Sharma. His impact transcended his role as a batsman, extending to the realm of captaincy where he orchestrated India’s success with tactical brilliance. Under Rohit’s leadership, India embraced an aggressive brand of cricket, a stark contrast to previous approaches. This shift in strategy proved to be a masterstroke, as India unleashed their attacking prowess on the opposition. Rohit, leading from the front, gave his team the perfect platform for success with consistently explosive starts.

“One match bad doesn’t make him a bad captain”

In a recent podcast, World Cup-winning cricketer Gautam Gambhir came out in strong support of Indian captain Rohit Sharma. He emphasized that judging a captain’s performance solely based on one bad game is unfair. Gambhir highlighted Rohit’s proven leadership abilities, pointing to his impressive record of five IPL titles.

“If Rohit Sharma is in good form, he should be leading in the T20 World Cup or if he is not in good form, whoever is not in good form should not be picked for the T20 World Cup. Captaincy is a responsibility. First, you get yourself selected as a player and then you’re made captain. A captain should have a permanent position in the playing eleven, and the permanent place depends on the form,” he added.



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