WATCH: The tribal chief returns to Smackdown and confronts John Cena on season premiere

John Cena started the season premiere on Friday night smackdown.

The Friday Night Smackdown saw the beginning of the season premiere. John Cena began the event by welcoming the crowd to the season premiere. The following few episodes of Smackdown will be leading up to so many feuds, which can change the current storylines. One such possibility will be L A Knight getting to face Roman at The Crown Jewel. eventually, Cody or Jey would take on Roman in WrestleMania next year.

As Cena welcomed the audience to the show, the music of the Tribal chief popped up on the big screen. The crowd went berserk at the return of the WWE universal champion. It was visible how the crowd missed Roman Reigns. Much like the crowd, even Cena was shocked to see Roman back. There was a visible happiness and joy in the face of Roman, as he made his return to Smackdown after more than a month.

A lot has happened since then. Jimmy has initiated himself back to the Bloodline. Jey has teamed up with Cody Rhodes and won the undisputed tag team championship belt. Cena was partnered by L A Knight in the Fastlane, which led to the defeat of Solo Sikoa and Jimmy Uso. Now, the potential is that L A Knight might be facing Roman in the main events in the upcoming days.

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Who is the Greatest of All time? 

However, Reigns is not too happy with the events that have unfolded in his absence. The foremost question from Roman was to Cena. In the announcements of WWE, Cena gets regarded as ‘The greatest of All time’. The tribal chief seems to have observed it keenly. It probably had him thinking and disagreeing with the elevation of John Cena.

Roman confronted Cena and said “You are champ or coward? The man only showed up because I took my leave. And then he had the audacity to come back and convince me but to call him the Greatest of All time? And let’s be honest here John. You already know who the GOAT is. It’s the tribal chief, Roman Reigns.”

Watch the video of Roman Reigns’ return –

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