WATCH: Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles gets into bad brawl, receives shooting threats from thugs

Newcastle are aware of the incident and want to deal with the matter internally.
Jamaal Lascelles
Jamaal Lascelles (Source: Twitter)

Newcastle defender Jamaal Lascelles got himself in hot soup as he is now a part of an investigation. This happened after a video of a player involved in a fight emerged. In the video which has created a storm on social media, a gang of thugs round up the player and his brother and threaten to shoot both of them. From the video footage, it looked like the Newcastle skipper sprung to the defence of his brother during a bloody brawl that unfolded on the streets of Newcastle on August 28.

Lascelles was chilling out on the outside the nightclub Chinawhite with his 19-year-old brother and a friend. It has come to light from investigations that a group of six to eight men came over and elbowed the centre-back’s brother in the neck to which Lascelles hit back he stepped in to protect his brother. Later, reportedly, a vodka bottle was flung at the player and he was subject to further attacks and punched by the group.

Here is the video:

Sources who had seen the incident went on to say that the situation had turned itself into a full-on brawl between the two parties that were involved. Lascelles somehow ended up throwing one of his attackers onto the floor. But misfortune unfolded when, his brother was hit in the face and was bleeding, while his friend reportedly copped a blow to the head and was rendered unconscious. While all of this was unfolding, the group threatened to shoot the player.

Before the emergency services could get to the scene the group sped off. Post the incident,  Lascelles’ friend has been taken to the hospital. Newcastle are believed to be aware of the situation. The club do not want too much of outside attention from the media and are looking to deal with this matter from close quarters.

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