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‘Used this trauma as energy for life’ – Jackson Warne reveals how he coped up with his father Shane Warne’s demise

Shane Warne died of a suspected heart attack at Koh Samui in March.
Shane Warne and Jackson Warne
Shane Warne and Jackson Warne -Source (Twitter)

Jackson Warne has given an insight on how he dealt with the sudden death of his father Shane Warne, which happened on March 4, 2022. One of cricket’s all-time greats died of a suspected heart attack while he was on a holiday with a group of friends at the popular tourist destination island Koh Samui. While the sudden death sent shockwaves through the cricketing community, many cricket fans across the globe and in Australia tuned in for his state memorial service.

Warne was a father to three children, who were Jackson, Brooke and Summer. They were also in a daze due to the sudden passing away of their dad. Seven months since the tragic incident, Warne’s son Jackson took to Instagram to share how he has been dealing with it.

“This year I could’ve easily gone down hill. I could’ve drank a lot of alcohol, gambled too much, quit the gym, ate shit food and not socialise. Be miserable,” the 23-year-old told his followers.

“But I didn’t. I didn’t because I used this trauma as energy for life. I surrounded myself with good people, went to the gym EVERY DAY, drank water, swam, laughed a lot and was consistent. One day at a time. I can now say because of this I am the happiest and healthiest I’ve been. Health is wealth. “It costs $0 to exercise, laugh, drink water and go outside. If you do this, I promise you’ll be the happiest and healthiest you can be.”

Brooke, who was the eldest daughter of Shane Warne, commented on her brother’s post saying, “Love you so proud of you and every day”. This heartfelt post came right after she slammed Channel nine last month following an announcement made by the network that a biopic on Warne was going to be made just some months after his death.

Channel Nine will pay tribute to Shane Warne through a two-part series

The 24-year-old shared a photo of the series announcement on her Instagram story asking the network, “Do any of you have any respect for Dad? Or his family? (He) did so much for Channel 9 and now you want to dramatise his life and our family’s life six months after he passed away. You are beyond disrespectful,” Brooke wrote in September. 

In a two-part drama series title ‘Warnie’ it would showcase the life, achievements and accolades of the great wrist spinner following his death. In a statement, Channel Nine said the two-part series would be a “fitting tribute to one of the greatest Australians of all time”. “Shane Warne was an Aussie legend, a cultural icon, a cricketing genius, a charmer and a rogue,” the network said in a statement. “Like all great characters, he inspired extreme reactions from people from all walks of life, in Australia and around the world.”

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