Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales resigns over kiss scandal at Women’s World Cup

Rubiales had already been temporarily suspended from his job by FIFA for his misconduct.
Luis Rubiales
Luis Rubiales (Source: Twitter)

The Spanish Football Federation president Luis Rubiales has resigned from his post after being embroiled in a kiss scandal that marred Spain‘s victory at the Women’s World Cup in Sydney, Australia, on August 20. The decision follows a series of controversies that began with his inappropriate behaviour when he kissed Jenni Hermoso without her consent during the awards ceremony after Spain beat England to win their first-ever World Cup title.

Rubiales, who was suspended by FIFA for misconduct, announced his resignation in a post on X (formerly known as Twitter) on Sunday (September 10). “After my swift suspension by FIFA, and the rest of the cases building against me, it is clear that I cannot return to the post,” Rubiales said in his statement.

“Insisting on waiting and clinging … is not going to contribute anything positive, neither to the Federation nor to Spanish football. Among other things, because there are de facto powers that will prevent my return,” he added.

In a reply to a question from TV host Piers Morgan on Britain’s TalkTV, Rubiales said, “I am going to (resign), I cannot continue my work”.

“My father, my daughters, I spoke with them … and some friends very close to me, and they say to me ‘Luis, now you have to focus on your dignity and to continue your life, because if not, probably you are going to damage people you love, and the sport you love. In this situation now, (it is) the thing I have to do,” Rubiales told Morgan.

I have faith in the truth: Rubiales continues to defend his act 

Meanwhile, he had earlier insisted that the kiss was consensual and continued to defend his act. However, the incident sparked outrage among the players and the entire football fraternity. “I have faith in the truth and I am going to do everything in my power to make it prevail,” Rubiales had said.

Reacting to Rubiales’s resignation, Spain’s acting Labour Minister Yolanda Diaz posted on X: “The feminist country is advancing faster and faster. The transformation and improvement of our lives is inevitable. We are with you, Jenni, and with all women.”

Rubiales is a former Spanish football official and professional player who played as a defender and appeared in 53 La Liga matches over three seasons. The 46-year-old was also the president of the Royal Spanish Football Federation and one of UEFA’s vice presidents.



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