Asian Games 2023

‘Sone chaandi sab apna’ – Fans react as Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Kumar Jena win gold and silver medals in Javelin throw in Asian Games 2023

Neeraj Chopra set a new Asian Games record.

History has been created in Hangzhou, as India won both gold and silver medals in the Asian Games 2023 in the Javelin throw. The champion throwers from India, Neeraj Chopra and Kishore Kumar Jena, won the gold and silver medals respectively in the event. It is the first instance of Indian throwers winning both gold and silver medals in the Javelin throw in the history of the Asian Games.

The start of both Neeraj and Kishore were anticlimactic. in the first attempt, Neeraj breached the 87-metre mark easily. But the officials asked Neeraj to retake his throw, as the equipment to measure the throw did not work properly. In Jena’s second throw, there was an unnecessary foul pointed at the attempt of the Indian thrower. They were only momentary setbacks though.

Following the incidents, the two Indian throwers were charged up. They channelled the energy in the right direction and showed their anger with their throwing. Neeraj seemed to be at his usual best and created the new Games record with a throw of 88.88 meters. After a not-so-great show in the recently concluded Diamond League Final, Neeraj had a very good outing in Hangzhou.

Javelin Throw
Javelin Throw (Source: Twitter)

Kishore Kumar Jena gave his career-best performance at the event

Chopra became one of the fewest Indian athletes to defend their Asian Games Titles. Interestingly, the Olympic gold medalist smashed the Games record in both 2018 and now in 2023. But the star of the show turned out to be Kishore Kumar Jena, whose throw impressed everyone. The Indian thrower breached the 85-meter mark twice and was leading the event at one point in time.

In his fifth attempt, Jena threw the javelin for 87.54 meters, one of the longest throws in the Games. It was also the personal best throw of Jena. The fact that both the athletes gave their best despite the disturbances from the officials is impressive. As soon as the two athletes confirmed their medals, there was immense joy in the Indian dugout. The former Indian long jumper Anju Bobby George celebrated their win with a huge smile and cheers.

Here’s how the fans reacted to the news –


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