Multi Time Champion says that Logan Paul will not last long if they are pitted against each other in the ring

Logan Paul to appear on WWE Raw next week.
Logan Paul
Logan Paul (Source: Twitter)

While Logan Paul has made rapid strides in WWE and shown that he has got the goods. 11-time Champion Xavier Woods is of the opinion that Logan Paul will not be able to defeat him if they too face off against each other in the ring. Woods was a social media sensation and then he turned to wrestling where he has walked the talk and broken a number of records. Woods knows what to do in a game and how to win them if the few matches that he has competed in.

He has also done well and made heads roll. The man was handed a tough challenge. It was a huge contest that took place at Crown Jewel in 2022, where he made headlines along with Roman Reigns when the undisputed WWE Universal Championship was on the line and it was like a do-or-die encounter. Woods lauded Logan Paul for his exploits in WWE. But he categorically stated that if they face off against each other, then according to him there is only one person winning the battle.

Logan has been crushing it and doing a great job: Xavier Woods

“Against me? No, definitely not. Against some of the other people on the roster, they put on some good shows, but they come to me…it’s no offence, it’s not a bad thing. It’s a different skill set. They’re [Logan and Jake Paul] very good. I would say that Logan has been crushing it and doing a great job. It’s always awesome to see people come in who are not necessarily from wrestling and give proper respect to wrestling,” Woods said on the It’s A Bit podcast.

We had Bad Bunny doing some stuff with us recently, and he’s a huge wrestling fan. In the pandemic, we still had our show running out of [the ThunderDome]. He would come down, I would see him training in the back. ‘Oh, that’s Bad Bunny.’ He’s learning how to do this so he can be ready for when it’s his turn to go. As long as people are giving the right amount of respect to what we do, I think they’ll be successful when they’re coming in from an outside source, whether it’s music, YouTube, movies, podcasting, anything.” Woods added.

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