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‘It is time to start taking hard decisions’ – Ramiz Raja reacts strongly to Jay Shah’s statement of India not travelling to Pakistan

Pakistan last toured India in 2012.
Ramiz Raja and Jay Shah
Ramiz Raja and Jay Shah- Source (Twitter)

In response to a statement that Jay Shah put out on October 18, Tuesday, about India not travelling to Pakistan for the Asia Cup in 2023, Pakistan have strongly reacted by saying that they would threaten to pull out of the 2023 50-over World Cup, which is slated to be held in India.
Pakistan is scheduled to host the Asia Cup in 2023 as per the decision of the Asian Cricket Council’s executive board and it is to be noted that Jay Shah is the president of the Asian Cricket Council.  When the Indian Cricket Board AGM came to a close yesterday, Jay Shah categorically stated that “India will play the Asia Cup at a neutral venue.” Sources close to PCB chairman Ramiz Raja indicated that one of the options that Pakistan are mulling, after Shah’s statement is to not take part in the upcoming 50-over World Cup that will be held in India in 2023.

“The PCB is now prepared to take hard decisions and play hardball because it is also aware that the ICC and ACC events will have to face commercial liabilities and losses if Pakistan does not play India in these multi-team events,” a PCB spokesperson said. India and Pakistan only play each other in the big tournaments that are organized by the governing body. India last toured Pakistan for the 2008 Asia Cup and since then has undertaken no tour, Likewise, Pakistan last toured India in 2012 for a six-match white ball series.

“We have nothing to say at the moment but yes we will look at things and take up this matter at appropriate forums like the ICC board meeting in Melbourne next month,” a spokesperson said. It is learnt that Ramiz Raja and the PCB officials are absolutely miffed with the statement made by Jay Shah, and they said that it is time to take the hard route now.

Pakistan could withdraw from the Asian Cricket Council  

“The PCB officials are surprised at the timing of Jay Shah’s statement because there is still nearly a year to go before the Asia Cup is held in Pakistan” said an insider. “The PCB is wondering in what capacity has Jay Shah given the statement that the ACC will look to relocate the Asia Cup to UAE out of Pakistan because the hosting rights were awarded by the executive board of the ACC not the President,” the PCB source said.

The PCB sources said that Ramiz Raja would mince no words and send out a strong letter to the ACC to convey that an emergency meeting of the ACC board is held in Melbourne to deliberate on Jay Shah’s statement. “One option under consideration will be to pull out of the ACC as the PCB believes the ACC was formed to promote and develop cricket in the region and forge unity among the member nations. But the President of the ACC is going to give statements like these, there is no use for Pakistan to remain in the body,” he added.

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