ODI World Cup 2023

‘If I perform well, I’ll play’ – Yuzvendra Chahal opens up about his snub from ODI World Cup 2023 squad

Chahal was not picked in the ODI World Cup 2023 squad of India.

The snub of Yuzvendra Chahal made a big news in the Indian cricket. Many criticized the decisions of the selectors for excluding a senior bowler like Chahal from the squad, more so because it is happening in the Indian conditions. Chahal has opened up about it and the decision behind moving to play in County.

“I understand that only fifteen players can be a part, because it’s a World Cup, where you can’t take 17 or 18. I do feel a little bad, but my motto in life is to move on. I’m used to it now… it’s been three World Cups (laughs). That’s why I came here [at Kent] to play because I want to play cricket somewhere, somehow,” said Chahal.

Chahal wished to play Tests for India. “I’m getting a chance here with the red ball, and I seriously want to play red ball for India. So, it was a good experience for me. I spoke to the coaches too, and they’re happy I’m playing somewhere, because you can practice as much in the nets, but match is match. I’m getting to play at a very good level here – first division, County – learning a lot here,” added the spinner.

Yuzvendra Chahal
Yuzvendra Chahal (Source: Twitter)

Someone or the other will eventually replace you in the future – Yuzvendra Chahal

Chahal said that he is not competing with anyone in the side. “I don’t think too much in that sense (on competing with other spinners in the Indian team), because I know if I perform well, I’ll play. Someone or the other will eventually replace you in the future. That time will come someday. I take up the challenge in this way: definitely, they are doing well, and I appreciate that,” added Chahal.

Chahal said that he will continue to support the Indian team. “The main goal is that India should win, because this is not an individual game. If I am part of the team or not, they are like my brothers. Obviously, I support India [team]. I like the challenge: it tells me I need to work hard so that I come back,” concluded Chahal.

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