Former PSG player urges fans to ‘BOO’ Lionel Messi

FIFA World Cup 2022 winning captain Lionel Messi played for French CLub, Paris-Saint Germain from 2021 to 2023.
Lionel Messi (Image Credit: Twitter)

Former PSG player Lionel Messi might not get the best of welcomes from the French crowd if he remains part of his nation’s Olympic squad. He was invited by his former Barcelona teammate and friend, Javier Mascherano to be part of the U23 team. As Messi is close to 37, he played for the team as an older player. Thanks to his contributions, the team has managed to qualify for the Olympics, later this year.

His team left behind reigning champions, Brazil. With the Olympics to be played in Paris later this year, it will be a familiar territory. He played for Paris Saint-Germain from 2021 to 2023. Last year, he moved to Inter Miami, the US-based team. Meanwhile, ahead of his return, the former PSG player Rothen has urged the fans to boo the FIFA World Cup 2022 winning captain.

‘We should not forget what he has not given. As a French and a Parisian, seeing him parading with Argentina? Guys, if there is any way to dispute the fact that Messi took the p**s on us for two years, boo him,’ Rothen said on his talkshow Rothen s’enflamme.

‘He said it would be a disaster to live in Paris and that he hasn’t received the welcome he feels he was owed. Nonsense.

‘He was above the Eiffel Tower like Neymar was. Every French folk showed him respect when he arrived. You expect respect in return and it never arrived,’ he added.

When he was given off days, Lionel Messi never experienced Paris: Rothen

The former PSG further added that the Argentina international didn’t live up to his performances.

‘When he was given off days, he never experienced Paris to the fullest and his performances never lived up to what we hoped for from him (…).

‘We heard he was not celebrated accordingly after winning the World Cup. You beat France in the final! He shouldn’t have expected to see the red carpet rolled out for him.’

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