5 cricketers who became great bowlers after starting their careers initially as batters

The list is dominated by four Indian cricketers.

Cricket is a sport where a player can involve oneself in different roles. There are four aspects of cricket, Batting, Bowling, Fielding, and Wicketkeeping. Usually, a cricketer must have the basic skillsets in either batting, bowling, or wicketkeeping. Fielding is a mandatory skill for any cricketer. At times, cricketers do not have enough skills but learn with time to become greats. There are times when the cricketers excel in different fields together.

For instance, some are good as a batter and as a spin bowler. Some might be good as a pace bowler and might well contribute as a batter as well. Some might be good wicketkeepers and handy as a batter too. Such cricketers are termed as All-rounders. But then some cricketers become batters despite being good bowlers and vice versa for various reasons.

Here are some such cricketers who became bowlers despite starting their careers as batters.

Bowling (Source: Twitter)

5. Ajit Agarkar

Ajit Agarkar  who became great bowlers after starting their careers initially as batters
Ajit Agarkar (Source: Twitter)

Ajit Agarkar was one of the best Indian bowlers of his time. The current chairman of the Indian selectors committee was a batter initially in his career and went on to become a very good bowler in ODIs for India. Agarkar is one of the fewest lower-order batters to score a hundred at the home of cricket. Agarkar has the record for the fastest ODI hundred by a batter from India. Yet, he was mostly a bowler in his career, who batted when the situation demanded from him. As a bowler, Agarkar has very good numbers in ODIs.

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